Stoney Gerber’s Toke House Cookies

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What are Stoney Gerber Toke House Cookies?


-Gluten Free

-25mg CBD each cookie

-Packed with Hemp Hearts

-Dark chocolate chunks

What’s the benefit of Stoney Gerber’s THC?(Toke House Cookie)

The active ingredients CBD and Hemp hearts help activate the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the human body, called Anandamide.

CBD triggers the producer of Anandamide and opens up the CB receptors. This allowss them to be more receptive to Anandamide.

Our brain converts Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s found in Hemp hearts into Anandamide.

BAM! The delicious superfood cookie you’ve been waiting for!

Stoney Gerbers Toke House 25mg Cookies

Where Can I get a cookie? Nashville Farmers Market Wed, Fri, Sun. or have it shipped to you!

Ingredients:organic Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Flour, Organic Sugar, Organic Brown Sugar, baking soda, vanilla, hemp hearts, CBD isolate, Dark Chocolate
Hemp Milk LOVE

Net wt: 30grams

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