God’s Green Earth

Full Spectrum CBD, Herbs, Teas, Essential oils, Clays, Diffusers, Natural Health and Beauty Products, Vitamins, Extracts, Tinctures, Probiotics, and more!

We offer natural salves, lip balms, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, bath tea, moisturizers, toners, and so much more! And don’t forget the herbs….lots and lots of herbs!!

God’s Green Earth
112 College St.
Gallatin TN 37066
United States

Written by Matt

We are all in this together. We are one collective conscious in it together and connected more than we give credit to most times. Miracles have filled my life along with an abundance of blessings. I try to live with a positive and optimistic outlook of the future. I love my family, friends, foes and even people I don't know. You're all beautiful and amazing, just like me. All-one-or-none. I am a Hemp Entrepreneur (hempreneur) out to plant seeds in the mind and help develop and grow the next biggest industry ever, while protecting its good name from stigmas and other negative false information tied to it. I am focused on building the new and not fighting the old like Socrates said.